Bent preview night – Belvoir St Theatre

Met up with Ley and a couple of other acquaintances from Ley’s work yesterday night for a preview screening of Bent. Awfully confronting and brash play which was acted convincingly. A bit predictable but i don’t think twists was the aim of the game here. If you are a homophobe you might wanna give this a miss at 2.5 hrs long the impatient might wanna give it a miss too.

From the decadence of 1930s Berlin to the inhumane excesses of the Nazi concentration camps, Bent explores one gay man’s fight for self-acceptance in the face of hatred and persecution.

Told with brutal honesty and integrity, this redemptive story illuminates the treatment of homosexuals during the Third Reich who were arrested, interned in concentration camps, and branded as deviants with what is now a universal symbol for gay pride – the pink triangle.

Thirty years after Bent premiered in London, Focus Theatre (Blowing Whistles, Bison, Natural Born Hooker) and B Sharp are thrilled to present the Sydney premiere of Martin Sherman’s bold, intimate and compassionate play.


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2 responses to “Bent preview night – Belvoir St Theatre

  1. ley

    …..n harder n harder n harder…. *rofl. had a good night with u la dodopie :x)

  2. ley

    ok i have no idea what that emoticon is :S i did the miffy face haha

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