Post Mont 24hr

The mont 24hr is done and dusted and whilst it was a hard weekend i certainly miss it now.

We started by finding a nice camp spot and settling in.

Once we settled in we got hungry and started on the pasta and snags.

With our hunger sedated we waited for the last remaining team members to turn up before heading to our respective tents where much hilarity ensued mostly from felix’s activity in his tent. Sleeping was hard with the crazy Canberra weather and we were all glad the next morning when the sun came back up.

After some light breakfast everyone was busily attending to their own bikes in preparation for the start of the race. Once that was all done we found sometime and took a team picture with a few team members missing.

The event was massive and the atmosphere at the start was just insane.

After the start i headed off to take some racing pics for our team members but realised that looking out for 1 rider every 1hr was a very hard thing to do. I ended up only taking Timmy’s picture to a satisfactory level and missed everyone else!

I headed back to our camp soon after being repeatedly raped by mozzies and returned to a relatively cheery camp.

Edging closer to nighttime i headed off once again to try and grab some pics. I understood that i had no where near enough equip to take adequate shots in pitch black darkness but was happy to experiment and also soak up the experience since i was not racing.

Once i had enough shots i headed back to camp to find people discussing who and where and how to take transitions and at this point i volunteered to help organise everything. It was a good experience and i was destined to not sleep during the whole night in trying to arrange our team roster.

Morning came again and everyone was looking buggered but that did not stop them going out for those final laps.

There was a lot of shuffling team order around and since we only had 3 man for a 4 man team it required some recruiting too. Nothing is as hard as waking a team member up from sleep at the wee hours of the morning and trying to coax them into a lap in freezing temps and wearing wet *from dew* gloves, helmets, and team jerseys. At the end of it all it luckly worked out quite well and i am glad both our teams finished our first 24hr race! That in itself is an achievement and something that i am very proud of even though i did not race. The determination from all the team members made it clear what our common goal is even in the face of adverse weather conditions and lack of sleep.

With the 24hr done and dusted we headed back to Sydney and dropped by hungry jacks for our obligatory stuffing.

Finally congratulations to everyone for completing the 24hr. It is an massive achievement and with some riders clocking 108kms of total riding it is nothing to be scoffed at! Bring on the Scott 24hr i say!!!!

More pictures here.


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Mont dietary needs

For 24hr events mtbers get pretty damn picky about food. It needs to be appetising yet fuel rich but not too rich. It would also be best if the food is served easily and downed easily. Tonight Clifton, Timmy and I went shopping and we are fairly happy with what we got. A little more fruit will be purchased tomorrow and we are done!

Picture credit : Timmy

A bit of training. A lot of fun.

Last night the BMU 1 boys came over for one last training ride prior to the mont. It also just happened so that this was going to be my first ride since my elbow fracture. Expectantly the first half hour of the ride was slightly nervous for me but once i felt “at one” with my bike i was mostly fine again and towards the end of the ride my confidence was back to normal.

I planned the route to include plenty of hill climbs and the first section we hit included 20% gradients rising 25m in a very short distance. We rode to the top and then rode to the bottom and then proceeded to repeat. Once we felt that we gave the hills a good go we proceeded up Bexley North rd thru Campsie and onto cooks river cycle path. The pace here was slightly more relaxed which allowed us to recover and chat until we arrived at Sydney Airport. From there we had some maccas, talked some team plans, motivated each other and then headed back home via forest road.

All of a sudden we were cranking at a very decent pace. A combination of multiple bikes, one full lane, and less traffic meant that we were putting in some good time. We would not slow down even if at times it felt certain that lactic acid would win. We kept that 32-11 cranking on our mtbs up and down the hill and we never stopped to rest. It felt so awesome we missed the turn off to stoney creek and decided to ride all the way into hurstville.

In total we rode around 40 or so kms give or take and climbed a total elevation of around 618M. We were all left feeling very satisfied and Clifton specifically commented on how he has not felt this way apart from post race events. I believe that this is the start of our “training” nights and what a start it was!

Sram X.7 2011

Shimano should be a little worried …

More here

Working on bikes

Clifton and Timmy came over yesterday night for some wrenching on our bikes. Clifton converted his trance x to 1×9 after taking apart his crank setup 3 times. Timmy decided to chuck all the parts on his trance back on the Kona which turned out to be a decent 11kgish setup. Will be interesting to see how he likes hardtails again.

Was a fun night and made me miss bike nights a little.


Ever had one of those moments where a certain word would just pop up into your brain and you would feel the need to repeat it over and over? Even when you don’t know what that word means? No? Yes? Over the weekend the word “kaboodle” kept on popping up in my head. For heavens sake i don’t even know what that word means!

Maybe it’s my meds…

Before and after

Sunday 3Pm

Friday 10Am

Arms feeling good. The predominant feeling of discomfort is soreness from my muscles which the dr’s cut to get at my bones.


Back at home, back at work, everything seems normal again. Three days into surgery and i am feeling pretty decent. The incessant itch has mostly gone away and there is almost no pain now. I am feeling optimistic to say the least. However i am still going to be careful as another visit to the hospital isn’t high on my wishlist. Funnily enough two days before my incident happened i was reading up about Adam Craigs  ACL bust up due to running around the carpark lot and watching his latest blog video kinda made the whole situation fairly ironic.


As i sit here typing with one hand i am experiencing pain.

You see this morning i went for a casual/routine ride at one of the easier trails and ended up 3 hrs later at the emergency department of my local hospital. How you ask? Combination of various things i answer. The section which caused the damage isn’t techy. I have ridden it many times and recently it got dummed down even more. Climbing a few step like rocks i moved my body way too forward *as i am often tempted to do on a single speed* and ran into a small root. The combination of my weight bias on the bike and rigid fork meant instant human catapult action. Normally this isn’t an issue. i have fallen this way many times and have always broke my fall with both hands. In this instance however i managed to land on my unextended left elbow. It was a hard blow even for my body weight. I heard a “snap” and that was that.

A few hours later, a couple of x-rays and the usual host of needles and drips and i was shown my x-ray. Apparently i broke the part of the elbow which is attached to my muscles clean off. Nice…..

I had a lot of thinking time in the hospital and a lot of different things went through my mind. How long will it take for me to recover? Am i going to lose fitness? Am i going to be a pussy now? Which trainer tyres should i run? Why did i ride this morning? How will i fap now? how will i make my loved ones not worry as much? As you can see all very valid questions and very justified too. However one thought that stuck with me was me not being able to race at the mont with my mates and other events within 8 weeks. This thought consumed me and i was honestly very disappointed.

I can see why people that have a hurdle in life want to comeback even stronger than before no matter the tears they will face. Like Lance Armstrong after his cancer. Like a paralysed person trying to walk again. Like Kayne west trying to rebuild his namesake after his outburst *ok maybe not kayne*. It’s kinda like a middle finger to fate, destiny and all that other stuff. I can honestly say that i will try my darned hardest to keep my fitness so when i am back in 8 weeks i will be faster and fitter than before.

As i sit here typing with one hand i am experiencing pain. The pain is not from the fall. It certainly isn’t from the needles. All of that pain i can take. The only pain i feel is to miss what i love doing for 8 weeks and maybe more. However like people that have being in an inconvenient situation before me i will take this negative energy and make it work for me.

This was me before i realised this.

This is me now once i see the light.

Starcraft II

Had my first game of starcraft in agessssssssssssssss albeit the newly released starcraft II beta cracked by legions of fanboys that would get a hard-on at the thought of this game. Let me be honest. I don’t play much games now. The odd game i enjoy usually involves a nintendo DS and a toilet seat. Having said that i enjoyed playing starcraft II. I still suck but it was fun blowing aliens away with my masses of over powered huge machinery. I most likely wont touch this game again for another year or so…. LOL