Busy riding schedule

It’s the wsmtb xc round 1 this weekend. Snuck up real fast and i don’t even have a race able bike apart from the voodoo. The weekend after that sees us visiting sparrow hill and two weeks after that sees us at sparrow hill again for the Mont *this should be a ball*.  Not long after that round 2 of wsmtb should be coming up and a little while after that i am going to be apparently taking Justin’s 100km entry to the dirt works. All this and we are not even half way through the year!

All of this though begs the question. Where is our good OG riding buddies Justin and Zi? It’s time to dust off the shoes and head out for a few laps, your position on the singletrack has been reserved!

On another note Ley’s grandma isn’t holding up too well atm. She was admitted to hospital last week and since then her condition has deteriorated greatly. It is never easy to see loved ones go through such moments but I believe Ley’s family will come out strong through all this. Hopefully they will be able to bring her home for her last moments tomorrow.


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