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This Sunday is the Dirtworks race. I am participating in the 50kms race this year and i am hoping to do well. I am not sure where abouts my fitness/strength is after my recent mishap but i will try my best. Reports and results after this week ūüôā


Register Now Pty Ltd Date: 1/12/2009 9:05:17 AM
ABN 78 120 251 489
Payment To Maximum Adventure
For Dirt Works 100km Classic NSW
St Albans, NSW
2nd May 2010
Name Item Quantity Amount Total
Jing 50km – Open (16-29 years) – $90.00 AUD 1 $90.00 $90.00
Participant Total $90.00


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Was confused when this bundled software came up.


Early Appin x 2

Did 2 laps at Appin this morning. The track is in fantastic condition thanks to Grant the trail fairy. He fixed up pretty much everything. The bridge at the first river crossing is looking pretty hagardy and the bridge at the second river crossing has disappeared all together. First lap was pretty shocking as i found myself continuing on from my Camden form. However towards the end of the first lap and throughout the second lap i felt much much better. I felt the flow coming back and i was having much more fun and pretty much cleared everything as per normal.

My elbow is still restricting me from plowing through the rougher sections at full pace though as it is still a¬†little¬†sore. Great trail, i can ride it all day and not get bored. Manly dam next ūüôā

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Anzac Camden ride

Yesterday morning a couple of riders from BMU headed to Camden for an early Anzac¬†Monday¬†fang. We had a decent bunch of people and the group¬†separated¬†from the start as the other group with Nick and Corny wanted to do some trail¬†maintenance¬†*good work guys!*. Personally i love this trail. I rate this trail very up there¬†in terms¬†of pure fun and judging by Jarod’s pace towards the end of the trail it can be safe to say that he agrees.

However i was just not with it on Monday. I am not sure if it’s my elbow or the bike or the slightly moist trails or maybe even a combination of everything but i just never got into the groove. I was very tight all the way through and could not freely move myself through the trail which in the end felt more like a hold on tight and just finish this ride kinda thing. I am hoping the next time i am back at¬†Camden¬†i will feel my normal self again!

Dead camera

Today my sony POS died. Point and shoot but you can¬†interpret¬†it as the other POS if you want. I had a whole 1 year and a little bit with the camera and during that time i never really got on with it. It confused me to no end with the illogical menu layout and it confused me when i could not set the flash to on or off in certain modes. Not the type of confusion where you don’t know but rather the type of confusion that makes you think why?

The camera now has a fairly common issue where the lens keeps retracting forwards and backwards and refuses to take a single picture. Dead it is. Sony DSC-W170 you will NOT be missed. Now which ixus should i purchase?

Edit :: As of this morning 26/04 the camera is working again. Before heading to Camden today i decided to just try my luck. To my surprise it worked perfectly fine. Will see how long it lasts for though.

First baum

Spotted a baum this morning. My first one i have seen in the flesh so to speak. Have to say the brand made more of an impact than the actual bike.

XC racers

Three points why you should not go bashing XC racers.

1. They are riding xc whippets which are twitchy and sketchy yet they still dispatch technical descents and technical ascents faster, smoother and better than yourself.

2. They can corner faster than you do even though they are on 2.0 larsens and you are on 2.5 minions DHF’s. They are not letting big chunky tyres cover their lack of bike handling skills.

3. They can ride at paces you think insane for longer than you can ever keep up to see.

DW and the bridge

Kayak Bridge at 70km ? Riders Only!
Once again the Dirt Works 100km Classic will feature this unique challenge. Every rider that rides the bridge without stopping will receive an exclusive silicon wrist band boasting that they rode the bridge! Riders will be awarded with their flashy armband at the end of the crossing.

Please note: This year only riders will be allowed to access the bridge. If you do not intend riding across the bridge, please follow the directions of the marshals to the river wading area. You will have to pickup your steed (we suggest above your head) and wade across the river to the other side.

For those of you that are doing 100k’s you now have a little less choice.

Fine tuning

Whilst i understand first hand how important small changes on a bike is and how it all comes together i am constantly surprised by the end ride feel. Yesterday i installed a fizik gobi and a thomson seatpost that i had lying around on the giant and lowered the tyre pressure to 20psi front and 24psi rear. I also lowered the fork pressure a little more and i am happy to say that this is a completely different ride. The opposite of an all mountain machine which requires you to be ON IT to reap the rewards. Different to SSing but rewarding too. I am sure i will be able to make even more minor changes to further improve it such as grips/tyre choices/handlebar.

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WSMTB Round 2

Last Sunday, Clifton and I headed to Yellomundee for the second round of the WSMTB club xc rounds. Hice also turned up and along with Matt we had 4 ppl from BMU. Plenty of regulars at the event and with a laid back feel *due to lesser ppl* it turned out to be a great day. I did not race personally since i did not want to risk my elbow but the boys did great. Clifton came in 2nd in his group *which really was a little too low for him* and hice did awesome considering an early stack + rigid ss. Matt did awesome though with a 6th placing in the b group. Basically A group is pretty much close to untouchable area unless you train religiously and are semi pro/pro. So group B for mere mortals is kinda like where the real race goes on.

I took a bit of time and walked around the course *a long freaking walk btw* to take some photos. Was happy with some of them but need to purchase some new equip as i do find a bit of limitation with what i am using now.


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