Easter monday ride

Attended a ride organised by some bmu members on Monday and had an awesome time. Good company, good food, good riding and to think i was about to drop out of coming too ….

The night before the ride i picked up the masi and found that it had a front flat. Of course i didn’t have a spare 27cc tube so i went about trying to patch the original one. Easy job in itself and something i have done previously but made ultimately very difficult by the wire bead tyres which refused to come off. Once they finally came off they were a hassle to put back on. In the process of doing all this i managed to some how puncture the tube 3 more times. Nub for sure. I called Timmy afterwards and was happy to hear that he had some 27cc tubes spare.

6:45 and i am outside Timmy’s place. To my surprise the installation of this tube went flawlessly and by 7:30ish we were on our way. We rode from Bexley north up Tempe direction all the way into Hyde park via George st *the city is awesome when its empty and uncluttered*. Met up with 9 others and started riding towards Waterfall after some delay. The pace was okish at the start but it didn’t really pickup until we hit royal national park. I was really feeling the 46-16 gearing and wished for a light roadie everytime Kevin left me for dead. I only had to look at Timmy to feel grateful though since he was riding a MTB.

Finally we got to the pub and food was ordered and consumed and talk about various things ensued. If you ever think food is boring or not good enough or not exciting enough or you feel a constant need to dine finely may i suggest you to go and get your ass out for a 80km ride. Everything and i mean absolutely EVERYTHING tastes awesome afterwards.

After lunch the crew had dwindled to only 6 or so riders and once we got to King Georges/Princess Hwy it was back to just Timmy and I. I headed home feeling a sense of achievement and happiness that only comes from a good ride with good company and decent food 🙂

Worst pic so far from 2010? I think so….


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