Quick post. Ley works for Interactive Investor and they sponsor in particular some theater companies so we are always flooded with free tickets to plays. Sometimes though we get a free meal too. Last Saturday we were booked in for Bayly’s restaurant which was just underneath the theater itself and had a decent meal. The meal would have costed us $120 and had i paid that much i would most likely have thought differently of the meal. The fact we paid ZILCH definitely made it decent. Can’t help it, i am asian after all.

Ley’s work prominently displayed outside the theater

The view was nice though with the sun setting and all

In other news, the other day we were shopping and we happened to stop off at a chemist. Ley was rummaging through something or rather and i noted this in the corner of the chemist. After staring at it for about 5 minutes i left feeling more confused about life in general.


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One response to “Food/plays/manpads

  1. ley

    i saw them at a chemist near my work. we came to the conclusion that it is for men who pee themselves. i.e. people who have problems with urination. but we may be wrong, lol. nonetheless, it is quite odd seeing that next to the female sanitary pads. thx for the pics hun n agree that the food was average. they r good at garnishing i must say n a beautiful view, so cant complain when u get free fine food. 🙂

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