Santa Cruz Nickel and Butcher

Seems santa cruz and sram is on a roll towards the early part of this year. Here is two of the new bikes that they released today. They both run APP which is basically single pivot with a linkage driven suspension design. $1350 rrp for both frames which is an absolute bargain.

First up the Nickel. Santa cruz has being missing a 120mm range trail bike in their line up but no longer. Tapered headtube slacker HA should make it a hoot to ride. The fact it is all alloy plays well with the whole single pivot less maintence less worries thing. I see this as a direct competitor to the yeti asr-5. Whils the yeti asr5 is elegent and refined this is more hooligan and bullyish.

Then we have the butcher at 150mm. I think this is basically Heckler 2 with updated features. I might be more excited if not for the poo brown colour!


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One response to “Santa Cruz Nickel and Butcher

  1. ley

    that is the worst colour ever

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