First time

Today i went to Loftus for my first proper ride off road in around 6 weeks. I gotta say there was a bit of excitement/nervousness prior to this morning. Clifton overslept again so i was just riding by myself except i wasn’t really by myself as the trail is more populated than i ever remember. Must be the trail work the guys are putting in *i would love to turn up to one but my work coincides with every single one of them*.

I had an aim to take things easily but you know how that goes …. within a few turns the feeling was coming back and towards the middle of the ride i was pretty much back to my normal self. I have lost some SS strength in my legs but the fitness is still there.

On the way back i rode into the section that caused my fractured elbow previously and honestly i don’t see what all that nervousness was about. I dispatched it with ease .. two times. That definitely brought back my confidence all the more. To be honest i don’t remember it being this easy and i think partially that is because i have not ridden a suspended geared bike at Loftus for 4-5 months now.

I was planning to head to Yellomundee for the wsmtb race tomorrow but i am not so sure. I can race, my elbow can survive too i am pretty sure but i am thinking of playing it smart/safe. I might just tag along in Clif29’s car and take some pics or something and represent BMU with my jersey lol.

Overall i am so glad to be back. The smell of a tree lined single track early in the morning is something i will never get tired of.


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2 responses to “First time

  1. ley

    good to know u picked it up so quickly, im sure u wouldve had no problems! with great confidence comes great performance, awesome stuff hun (y). enjoy ur time at the race tmr n yes it is better to be safe than sorry. u will get ur turn, dont u worry! xo

  2. Welcome back!! Glad to hear you’re back on your bike without any trouble!

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