Ride and dinner

Yesterday was the second ride since i have started riding off road again and it was a hard one for me on many accounts. The guys started at 6:30 and i only got to loftus at 7 and even then i was so hurried that i forgot to check my tyre pressure. When i got home from the ride i realised that the tyres were pumped at 30psi instead of my normal 20psi. On top of that i had to try and catch up to the guys and that killed me *you should have seen the steam coming off my back when i took off my camelbak*.

On top of all this we then proceeded to sprint pointlessly for the reminder of that lap until we met up with nelson and then we proceeded to go for another lap. The Giant was fast on the firetrails and great on smooth singletrack but on the rougher bits it was as hard as the ss to ride. However i will go back and try 20psi to see how it changes everything. Oh and how could i forget this saddle.

People say oh the slr’s are comfy or carbon saddles are comfy because it supports the sit bones. Well to you sir’s i say BS. My ass was hurting so much during the later part of the ride it wasn’t funny. Even now my ass still hurts ……

Apart from all this it was a good ride. As always.


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3 responses to “Ride and dinner

  1. ley

    u did well hun, *rubrub… lol

  2. trancexrider

    Sounds like you just need to HTFU to me 🙂 Maybe it’s time to get a fixie. lol

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