Anzac Camden ride

Yesterday morning a couple of riders from BMU headed to Camden for an early Anzac Monday fang. We had a decent bunch of people and the group separated from the start as the other group with Nick and Corny wanted to do some trail maintenance *good work guys!*. Personally i love this trail. I rate this trail very up there in terms of pure fun and judging by Jarod’s pace towards the end of the trail it can be safe to say that he agrees.

However i was just not with it on Monday. I am not sure if it’s my elbow or the bike or the slightly moist trails or maybe even a combination of everything but i just never got into the groove. I was very tight all the way through and could not freely move myself through the trail which in the end felt more like a hold on tight and just finish this ride kinda thing. I am hoping the next time i am back at Camden i will feel my normal self again!


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3 responses to “Anzac Camden ride

  1. ley

    nice new layout pie :]

  2. Camden’s an awesome track. I honestly can’t wait to get back out there!

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