Early Appin x 2

Did 2 laps at Appin this morning. The track is in fantastic condition thanks to Grant the trail fairy. He fixed up pretty much everything. The bridge at the first river crossing is looking pretty hagardy and the bridge at the second river crossing has disappeared all together. First lap was pretty shocking as i found myself continuing on from my Camden form. However towards the end of the first lap and throughout the second lap i felt much much better. I felt the flow coming back and i was having much more fun and pretty much cleared everything as per normal.

My elbow is still restricting me from plowing through the rougher sections at full pace though as it is still a little sore. Great trail, i can ride it all day and not get bored. Manly dam next 🙂


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One response to “Early Appin x 2

  1. ley

    now now, easy tiger… :]

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