Number 1508

This Sunday is the Dirtworks race. I am participating in the 50kms race this year and i am hoping to do well. I am not sure where abouts my fitness/strength is after my recent mishap but i will try my best. Reports and results after this week 🙂


Register Now Pty Ltd Date: 1/12/2009 9:05:17 AM
ABN 78 120 251 489
Payment To Maximum Adventure
For Dirt Works 100km Classic NSW
St Albans, NSW
2nd May 2010
Name Item Quantity Amount Total
Jing 50km – Open (16-29 years) – $90.00 AUD 1 $90.00 $90.00
Participant Total $90.00


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  1. Glad you actually got a ticket. Now go and smash it!

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