Spring cleaning or is it autumn cleaning?

Was in the mood to rummage around 3 bucket worth of spare parts i have accumulated over the past 2 years of solid riding. Consquently took me 4hrs to take all the photos and then another 1hr to edit the pictures to load it up online. The next day it took me the better half of the day to write description for all the parts but i am glad to announce that it is all paying off. My spare room is cleaner and i am richer. Just the way it should be….

On another note, it occured to me today that Flickr actually does not allow you to use their hosting service for EBAY. Great that I JUST figured it out after i spent $24 worth of ads most likely show casing some overly expensive bikes with no pictures of any kind. Real smart …. double check next time Jing, double check next time.

Amongst all the parts i have up for sale i want to sell no other part more than my gravity lock on grips. The price for these worn grips are a single McChicken burger….*hey im hungry alright!* Someone, please someone, end my misery and present me with a McChicken burger and i will tearfully give up my gravity grips. I will even share half of that burger with you!

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