Weight conscious riders

To me, a true weight weenie almost always goes over the top in trying to reduce their bikes weight. You know a weight weenie when you see them ordering one off parts specifically made for their weight *i dont mean under 80kg kinda weight but more like under 75.643kg*. You know a weight weenie when they use 3 bolts for their rotors and you definitely know a WW when they chop their brake mount adaptors in an attempt to shave weight. These are ppl i classify as true WW.

So where do you fit in if you look up weights of certain parts you are purchasing but dont use 3 rotor bolts? Weight conscious. This is the term given to people who understand that certain parts of their bikes are better when light and certain parts of their bikes are better when heavy. I myself research weight specifications on parts extensively but i will not use compromising parts on my bikes. I dont mind using a light seatpost clamp or some light handlebars since i know that i am fairly light weight but i will not skimp on parts like tyres or suspension to save a few grams. I honestly believe this is the best way to go about it.

Don’t let the WW’s talk you into shaving that brake mount but certainly don’t let the weenie haters tell you to man up and ride a bike that is weighted more than it could be!


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3 responses to “Weight conscious riders

  1. I reckon I’m like you. I kinda care about light parts, but I’m never going to go overboard trying to lighten my bikes.

    Take Greeny for example. He’s a 12.5kg single speed and absolutely bulletproof. The best feeling is racing and beating a weight weenie up a hill, with their stripped SLR and all!! 😉

  2. Oh oh, and it doesn’t help that I’m a tightass that can’t justify spending many thousands of dollars on my bikes 😀

  3. How heavy is she gonna be with the gears and the bling bling wheels?

    I am personally waiting for lorday to shoot a pm with a lot of #$)(#$*#($*$(#@$(*!! in it any day now.

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