Too old to drive?

Was lounging at home the other day preping to head out when i heard the distinct sound of rubber, lack of traction followed by multiple smashes. Ran out to find other neighbours well and truly all outside. First thought was some hoon applied too much throttle but upon closer inspection the old man from two houses down apparently had some issue and confused the accelerator with the brake. Subsequently he ran into our neighbours car on the driveway before plowing into the house opposite to us. Luckily no one was hurt. Coppers/ambulance/fire trucks turned up promptly and our street was the busiest it has ever been from my memories. Hope the old guy is doing alright and hopefully he has insurance to deal with our neighbours house.

Pretty sad as it is obviously a genuine mistake.


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One response to “Too old to drive?

  1. holy crap!!! confusing the accelerator for the brake pedal is a scary ass thought, LOL

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