3 Ring

Wow, what a ride.

Woke up at 5am to meet the boys at pheasants nest at 630am. First mistake of the day is leaving your mobile at home. Not knowing how to get to wingello from pheasants nest meant i had to meet up with the boys or my ride would be cut short. Incidentally though the boys waited for me and i never really needed to worry because all i had to do was follow the endless stream of bike-racked cars on the highway.

Parking was interesting and the weather was damn cold. I wished i had more appropriate wear and stared at ppl with wind breaker jackets in envy. For some strange reason we arrived 1.5hrs early and for most of that 1.5hrs we just mucked around doing nothing but consuming jelly beans and bread from hiace’s ute.

10am comes around and we line up near the start. I never got anywhere near the start as i wasn’t feeling all the best and the element of competitiveness was simply not there that day. This ended up to be a fairly bad mistake because the traffic was just insane. Lets put it this way, if you were an ass or you were very proficient in passing you most likely could have made up a good 3-4 minutes near the start. The firetrails reminded me of sparrow hill and staring at the occassional clearings made me do a double take. On more than one occasion when i was tired i swore i made a wrong turn off and rode to sparrow hill. Hell with the amount of fire trails it might just seem like its possible too.

It wasn’t all firetrail though and relatively early on we were rewarded with singletracks. The singletrack was of the awesome windy variety with narrow trees to dodge *my fave* that seemed to take advantage of the terrain awfully well. Most of the singletrack felt like it was heading down which was great after a long fire trail climb. However the previously mentioned traffic made the singletrack slightly less enjoyable. I say slightly less enjoyable because i am not going to be an ungrateful bastard.

The elevation changes were impressive on the fire trail and the water bars were sketchy and i found myself having the most fun i have ever had on a firetrail based race. I have the Garmin 500 unit and it has plotted the exact route and i am looking towards going back there to go on a few training rides. The garmin 500 should be able to guide me on the same route that i plotted on Sunday.

Early on in the race near the wall section i somehow chainsucked my bike and wasted about 5 minutes trying to figure out how i was going to fix it. I thought that was my ride over but luckly i sorted it out. Luckly i had frameskin wrap on my chainstay or else i am confidently sure that i would be in for a new frame or at least rear swingarm. Once i got home i took off the frameskin to confirm that indeed there was nary a mark on the chainstay. Me = happy.

I felt like i had no real urgency for this ride. In between all the traffic and knowing that a 50km ride will usually end up with me cramping i took it nice and easily. It proved to be not enough though as the tell tale signs of cramps came on at 13kms to go. To me once you get this feeling it is pretty much game over. Whilst i did not cramp once during the whole race i know myself when i am about to get a cramp. What this makes me do is go into limp mode and every hill results in me grinding up it at a slower than walking pace. Hardly fun. In fact very frustrating.

Cramping must be the central theme of my race reports by now and soon enough i might just change my blog name to Crampers fullstop :p. But nope even though its ultra frustrating it wont keep me away and i will be booking in a bike fit soon. I think i am doing something wrong and i simply do not have the knowledge to figure out exactly what so i will enlist help in doing so. In the mean time you might find me spending a little less on bikes and a little bit more on myself. ie proper riding gear, bike fit, proper energy food etc etc


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Thought this was a practical joke. Anyone want to buy this? The only practical use for this vehicle i can think of is if you really hate someone and want to ram this car into their house??


29ers have being around for awhile now. Long enough to stay i reckon and with more and more support for the platform every production year consumers are provided with more and more options. They are supposedly faster on the flats and downhills as their bigger wheels keep momentum better and through technical sections provide riders with more confidence. All good things i believe but until i try it i will stop preaching.

This 2011 bike looks pretty good though and all the parts although not high-end makes for a very nice “trail” build.

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DC5 woes

The dc5 has being a long project in the making. It has being so long in the making that most of my passion admittedly has left. I do still look at the car and think DAMN that’s hot but to a certain extent it really isn’t good enough just to have a 100k project sitting there doing nothing. The theme of this year is consolidating and it is with regret that i have thought about parting the DC5. If all goes according to plan it will take a long time to offload everything but the money i will rake in is very considerable.

What do i do? Will my dc5 pals forgive me? Can’t help but feel that the project has failed….

Edit :: just went to see the car again and i dont think i can part it. It is just too awesome…….

TDF photos

Awesome photos. Some of the best cycling photos i have seen. Click here


Had a nice varied two rides this past weekend. On Saturday i hit up Appin with Timmy, Trieu and Clifton. The bike is still not setup properly yet but i still had a blast. Love the way the spitfire corners. I previously tended to have a big issue with turning right but with the Spitfire i feel much better. The aggressive nature of the bike forces me to ride aggressively too *until i am tired*.

On Sunday morning we hit the road for a 75km ride early in the morning. Pace was alright for most of the ride and much fun was had by everyone. Had a nice brunch at the cafe near kurnell *ate too much* and enjoyed some scenic roads around the area. Whilst we were out there enjoying the fresh air and ocean views most of Sydney will still be in bed. It makes me want to get to bed earlier and ride more in the wee hours of the morning.

Variation is always good in your riding and even though we are still riding a two wheeled contraption our experiences will vary greatly. Instead of dodging trees and carving singletrack you can take in the scenery, have a chat with your mates and push past your personal pain barrier.

PS :: I had some lingering cramp issues once again come up towards the last 5km.  Giving everything perspective i know exactly how to fix it. It involves riding a lot more of similar distances to get my body used to the effort i push out. However i also know that not all humans are created equal. Whilst i agree 100% with the ride more philosophy i also know plenty of riders yesterday that rode far less times/distances than myself over the last months or so. Even then, they certainly did not have any cramping issues. My body isn’t as strong in this regard and to overcome it i have to do some extra riding to compensate. Will be good the day my legs can keep up with my lungs. Right now my lungs are wondering where the hell my legs are after 50-60km.

Photo courtesy of Jarodandliz.com