Had a nice varied two rides this past weekend. On Saturday i hit up Appin with Timmy, Trieu and Clifton. The bike is still not setup properly yet but i still had a blast. Love the way the spitfire corners. I previously tended to have a big issue with turning right but with the Spitfire i feel much better. The aggressive nature of the bike forces me to ride aggressively too *until i am tired*.

On Sunday morning we hit the road for a 75km ride early in the morning. Pace was alright for most of the ride and much fun was had by everyone. Had a nice brunch at the cafe near kurnell *ate too much* and enjoyed some scenic roads around the area. Whilst we were out there enjoying the fresh air and ocean views most of Sydney will still be in bed. It makes me want to get to bed earlier and ride more in the wee hours of the morning.

Variation is always good in your riding and even though we are still riding a two wheeled contraption our experiences will vary greatly. Instead of dodging trees and carving singletrack you can take in the scenery, have a chat with your mates and push past your personal pain barrier.

PS :: I had some lingering cramp issues once again come up towards the last 5km.  Giving everything perspective i know exactly how to fix it. It involves riding a lot more of similar distances to get my body used to the effort i push out. However i also know that not all humans are created equal. Whilst i agree 100% with the ride more philosophy i also know plenty of riders yesterday that rode far less times/distances than myself over the last months or so. Even then, they certainly did not have any cramping issues. My body isn’t as strong in this regard and to overcome it i have to do some extra riding to compensate. Will be good the day my legs can keep up with my lungs. Right now my lungs are wondering where the hell my legs are after 50-60km.

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