Pic – Text ratio

The pics to text ratio wasn’t good so here is two pictures of a niner air carbon. Pretty nice build. Not something i would ride in the way it is configured but i can see Jarod on it though …


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Oh another thing…

A lot of ppl i know is of the understanding that they would ride more for leisure and fun. Trainer activity and training in general is not what they would classify as fun. Fair enough. Let me explain something though. I like to have fun on bikes too. I train to have fun in a way.

How does that work? Well the way i think of it is this. If i can go out and ride and make mince meat of the climbs and then enjoy the downs wouldn’t that be more fun than dieing grinding to the top of a climb and then coming downhill with wonky shakey arms? Basically i train to get faster, however i am also training so i can have more fun ūüôā

This one goes to 10

Having something on TV you actually want to watch makes time pass a crap load quicker when you are on the trainer. I have a dedicated trainer wheel setup with trainer tyres and a cassette so it makes it ultra easy for me to switch between trainer and road mode.¬†Luckily¬†the cassette sprockets¬†didn’t¬†need any tuning and it all worked perfectly fine first go.

Odd thing to say but my first few times on the trainer was some of the most tedious times i have spent on a bike but now it just feels normal to get up and drain my legs. I hope i can keep it up as it feels good to wake up nice and early and get my riding done before the day has even started! I noticed that i ¬†am also a little more attuned to what my body is doing and how my heart is feeling and how that effects how i feel overall. I reckon given a little longer i can also understand what my body’s heart rate zone is without a heart rate monitor simply from going off how i feel. I have to thank Joe Friel for making me pay extra attention to this.

ps :: i really need to re-wrap my bar tape.


I want to ride the Mojo and Yeti already…

Makes me want to get a dc2r daily!

Pic thanks to sock and hav guy. More pictures from him here.


The best day of the week. Ran around all day to come home with a pair of pillows. Did you know latex pillows feel like giant boobs? Interesting fact of the day. Just had lamb hotpot, going to give Ley a massage and watch family guy before heading home to maybe play 1-2 games of starcraft 2. Early night and up tomorrow again on the trainer or maybe cooks river ride? Not too sure about workday traffic though. Hmmmmmm

Good bye another week.

PS :: Moving in the next 2 weeks! Can’t wait to try my new tv. Even though i hardly watch all that much tv.

Roadie gear and perfect weather

Got up and donned my roadie gear for the first time. Leg warmers, arm warmers, bibs, jersey, gillet and gloves. Took a little while to work out how everything goes together but it did go together. Ley had a good laugh, so did leys parents, so did my parents for that matter but as soon as i pedaled those first few pedal strokes i was in awe. Wow feels like i am not wearing anything! Still feeling a little exposed but i am sure i will get used to it soon. Perfect weather for a ride today too and it was a pleasure to ride around Olympic park. I feel lucky to have many variety of places to ride in Sydney and whilst we all make noises here and there for lack of cycle path infrastructure, it could be worse. Much much worse.

Spotted Corny and Nick at the cafe in Bicentennial park so stopped a little and had a chat. At the end i didn’t ride as much as i wanted to and not as hard as i wanted to. It is hard to do intervals in the real world as there is just too much variations going on. Easier on the trainer or maybe a road like Kurnell. I really need to get to that road as i feel it highlights one of my biggest weaknesses. Thinking about a trainer session this arvo after work but not too sure as i dont want to go out with all guns blazing only to run out of bullets a short while later.

PS: how good is the iphone 4’s camera quality? Good enough to replace my digi cam pretty much¬†completely!! Photos are¬†completely¬†unedited too.

Ok maybe macro shots aint too good. I wish i can use the lens i purchased in hk *which i actually found on ebay for cheaper*!

Colour coordination

Ready for another ride tom morning ūüôā

Retail Starcraft

Being playing a cracked version of starcraft II for the last few weeks but i never doubted i will purchase a full version. Blizzard is one company i dont mind spending money with. Classic games that will last for the next 10 years looking at starcraft’s lifespan LOL

Looking forward to playing some humans instead of computers! Thanks to Felix for picking it up for me at a discounted price of $70. Cheers! I also preordered GT5 collectors edition so that should be awesome once it comes in. GT5 night? I think so…

Not enough time?

I hear this quite a bit from friends. Truth is by being efficient at life you can actually fit a lot into your average day. My usual daily habits includes getting home at around 7pm. Eating dinner and then lounging in front of the computer clicking BMU -> MTBR -> Bikeradar -> Blog -> BMU -> MTBR over and over again. This is NOT efficient. Posts don’t even refresh that fast!

Some people are naturally good at allocating time. During highschool a couple of the girls i knew were insanely efficient and they always tended to have free time whilst the majority of us were complaining about lack of hours in a day. As of yesterday though i am trying to change that. Partly because it is for the better in all aspects and partly because once i move out it is the only way to do things.

Got home yesterday at 645pm and immediately jumped on the trainer from 7-8pm. Once i finished the trainer jumped into the shower and finished dinner by 830pm. On the computer at 840pm and chatted to a couple of friends and replied to a couple of emails before playing a few games of starcraft. There was minimal wastage of time in between the events of last night and i am surprised i fit it all in and managed to sleep at 11pm. I never usually sleep at 11pm!! On top of all that it felt good. Good in the way you know a salad is healthy for your body. Good in that you know you used your time efficiently.

Because i slept early it meant i rised early in the morning and i was on the trainer from 8-9am and showered by 930am and ready for work. Awesome!!!

On a side note, training has begun. I have gotten to a stage that a structured riding schedule is required with a clear focus on what i want to achieve. I understand also that training like so is emotionally tiring and i will try to eliminate or at least minimise this by structuring short but intense sessions peppered with social rides on the weekend. If Joe Friel’s training bible is right and i am not doing something seriously wrong i should see¬†significant¬†improvements in my race results. If i don’t? Well, at least i tried!

On a side side note, intervals are freaking painful.