Back home

HK was fun. Tiring but fun. As i type this right now my foot is still aching from all the walking we did. Shops open late in HK and close late which meant that on most days we were out from 11am-11pm making the most of it. I think we did well in maximising our time over the course of 5 days.

I visited two bike shops * repeatedly* and Ley had her time with all the cheap clothes which was designed to fit Asians. We both ate like pigs and on more than one occasion felt the need to chuck. Every time we say no more but upon seeing the food that is available could not hold back.

Due to the extremely awesome exchange rate and the already cheap prices in HK i was tempted more than once. I sized my head for a helmet *something you cant do with online bike shops* and finally found a well fitting one that was cheap and decent looking and picked up some riff raff parts like water bottles, a yeti jersey and a pair of proper riding shorts for Ley. The big purchase however was the frames. Yup, frameS. I blame it on the sizeable discount i was given and also the awesome exchange rate.

Both frames look absolutely pron and i am super stoked to have them. Now i just need to do some painting in the new home so i can maybe get next sunday free to go stromlo with the boys.

Arrived back in sydney on thursday morning and rushed home for a shower and then off to work. I miss HK but give a week or so and i will forget about it and settle into my normal routine. My body is out of sync from all the weird hours and excess intake of food but i will try my best tomorrow at appin 400!!


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One response to “Back home

  1. ley

    i miss hk too :[ all the foody *drools :]~ the ibis n yeti r both super hawt – great buys hun n i heart my new cannondale shorts! :] we didnt eat *too* much (i.e. couldve ate more) n plus with the 12 hours of walking we did each day, im sure it wasnt terribly detrimental to our fitness. good trip all in all n damn the ibis is hot! VITAMIN PEEEE!

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