Appin 400

Good company and a great trail. I think of Appin as almost my home trail as i know it so well. Now i know it all that much more thanks to the 5 laps I did. It is a fairly technical trail so i was not surprised when waking up this morning my upper body was sore. Lower body is alright thanks to the compression gear i wore after the race. Super impressed with Cliftons consistent times and Tai’s efforts at solo. Nothing to be scoffed at for sure!

Well done boys. Thank you to my team mate Jarod for being a team mate. Thanks to nelson for the seats 😀


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2 responses to “Appin 400

  1. Nelson definitely saved the day with his seats. We’d have been sitting in the dirt without them!

    Totally agreeing with you on the sore upper body. My shoulders/arms are only getting back to normal today.

    Oh, and you’ll be pleased to know I’ve got tubeless stuff on order. Stupid pinch flats!

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