Updates on various stuff

The Jazz now has a proper bike rack. It wasn’t cheap but it is necessary. Well it isn’t really necessary but i like to avoid chucking bikes in the back of cars whenever possible. The rack was installed by Mark @ Thule central just off foreshaw rd near Botany on the spot and i am damn happy with the service. After a little chit chat he also chucked in the locks for free for me. This made the bike rack/railing system a total of $539. The system will work awesomely since i have seen how well it has worked on Clifton’s car.

The above pic was also taken by my new iphone 4 and i have to say i am super happy with the camera quality even under less than ideal conditions. This leads me to my next update subject. Recently over at HK i purchased this wide angle lens in anticipation of my newly arriving iphone 4.

It’s really simple. There is a metal ring with an adhesive tape which sticks onto your iphone around the camera lens. The lens then attaches to the iphone this way via magnetic forces. Sounds like a simple system? 3 problems.

1. It looks not so stunning *over lookable point from the pure excitement of creating awesome content*

2. I am worried about what magnetic forces will do to the iphone 4. I had a look at the internals of an iphone 4 and apparently the memory is right underneath the camera lens. Memory + magnet = not so good. *not overlookable, all you can do is turn a blind eye to it*

3. Biggest fail is on iphone 4 there is a led flash right next to the camera lens. See what i am driving at? Yup, once u attach that metal ring it covers the led flash resulting in images like below. The led flash however will still be activated by the camera, the light will be dispersed by the metal ring stuck ontop of it and you will end up with pics like below. *overlookable if you want every picture you take in the dark to end up like the one below, or you can turn the flash off*

So am i going to use the lens? Probably not. Damn shame because from playing with it *holding the lens manually over the camera* it produces some awesome results. It creates the slightest bit of fisheye and it makes capturing subjects that much easier in tight areas. I dont know the photographic terms of lens comparisons but to me it made quite the difference.


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2 responses to “Updates on various stuff

  1. ley

    bokeh dots!!! keke

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