Stromlo recap

Woke up at 445am to get ready and head off to Matt’s place. Matt helped me load up the bike and we were off to Canberra. Arrived at pheasants nest at 6:57am and met up with Triue and Clifton. Discovered at this point that Brandon dogged it *booooo* and then proceeded onwards to Canberra. Matt and I talked a lot and the trip seemed a lot shorter, maybe because he was driving, maybe because of the excitment that Stromlo tends to bring. Got to Stromlo and met up with Timmy who was already beeming, no doubt from banging some chic in canberra where he parked his ass last night.

We headed off on our normal loop and straight away it was apparent that it has rained heavily in Canberra. Rain has not done Stromlo any favors and the Ruts was massive. The rocks seemed bigger than before too most likely due to the rain. Many stacks was had. Mostly involving mud, one involving karma. Many laughs were had. Not much riding was done by myself though as one stack seemed to have torn a muscle in my biceps and handling the bike through rock gardens became increasingly more and more difficult. I retired to shuttle duty and carted up the boys 3 times which saw me driving manual for the first time in 2-3 years again. Shouldn’t have worried. Somethings you never forget.

On the drive home Matt and I talked about crap loads of stuff again and actually towards the end of the day my throat was sore from talking so much. Was awesome though as i don’t usually talk to Matt all that much apart from a few “thats gay” comments and it definitely made the drive up and down much more bearable!!

Tech snippet

The spitfire was an odd machine too. It has the capabilities to be 10/10 yet it is spoilt by some issues. The back end is unresponsive. The front end strangely matched the back end after repeated attempts of failed revelation tuning. I tried absolutely everything and still it did not offer anywhere near close to acceptable *in my eyes* level of suspension performance. It isn’t about the amount of travel, it is about the quality of travel 🙂

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2 responses to “Stromlo recap

  1. hahhaa i like to talk. Hope i didnt bore you too much.

  2. not at all matt. not at all

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