Iphone 4 reception issues?

I have noticed tell tale signs that the Iphone 4’s reception isn’t its strong suit. Taking phone calls at my home have being a trouble free experience for the last 10 years On the iphone 4 however i have experienced 1 phone call where it was slightly breaky. I am not sure if this was just luck or something else. What further worries me is the internet seems very intermittent at best. Ley’s on Voda as well and yesterday we did a test where she would have 4 bars of reception and perfect internet accessibility whilst i have 1 bar of reception and no internet accessibility. All whilst the phones are right next to each other!

The internet drops out randomly too and the phone constantly says “cellular network unavailable”. Not enough to worry me atm but in the long term could be potentially a deal breaker. So far i love the phone but i also know that apple is currently offering a 30 day money back on all apple iphone 4’s. They say a free bumper *which is on its way* will greatly help the reception but i think that is bullcrap. Any person that knows the slightest bit about tech will understand that that is most likely bullcrap.


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4 responses to “Iphone 4 reception issues?

  1. Uh oh. Vodafone has known issues with iPhones on it’s network.

    Fingers crossed you get it sorted, but this could be a worthy read.

  2. If the issue doesn’t get fixed it looks like either a change of phones or provider. One or the other. Real shame as i have being happy with voda’s service thus far. Iphone 4 definitely has weaker reception vs other phones i hav eused. I am secretly hoping some fix for the iphone 4 or maybe even another iphone 4 at a later revision. See how it goes i guess. As i sit here at work where reception IS poor i have no internet connection on my iphone 4 at all.

  3. ley

    why do all your apostrophes look funny in your post? odded…

  4. ley

    mmm it’s appearing funny after the “iphone4” text

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