Not enough time?

I hear this quite a bit from friends. Truth is by being efficient at life you can actually fit a lot into your average day. My usual daily habits includes getting home at around 7pm. Eating dinner and then lounging in front of the computer clicking BMU -> MTBR -> Bikeradar -> Blog -> BMU -> MTBR over and over again. This is NOT efficient. Posts don’t even refresh that fast!

Some people are naturally good at allocating time. During highschool a couple of the girls i knew were insanely efficient and they always tended to have free time whilst the majority of us were complaining about lack of hours in a day. As of yesterday though i am trying to change that. Partly because it is for the better in all aspects and partly because once i move out it is the only way to do things.

Got home yesterday at 645pm and immediately jumped on the trainer from 7-8pm. Once i finished the trainer jumped into the shower and finished dinner by 830pm. On the computer at 840pm and chatted to a couple of friends and replied to a couple of emails before playing a few games of starcraft. There was minimal wastage of time in between the events of last night and i am surprised i fit it all in and managed to sleep at 11pm. I never usually sleep at 11pm!! On top of all that it felt good. Good in the way you know a salad is healthy for your body. Good in that you know you used your time efficiently.

Because i slept early it meant i rised early in the morning and i was on the trainer from 8-9am and showered by 930am and ready for work. Awesome!!!

On a side note, training has begun. I have gotten to a stage that a structured riding schedule is required with a clear focus on what i want to achieve. I understand also that training like so is emotionally tiring and i will try to eliminate or at least minimise this by structuring short but intense sessions peppered with social rides on the weekend. If Joe Friel’s training bible is right and i am not doing something seriously wrong i should see significant improvements in my race results. If i don’t? Well, at least i tried!

On a side side note, intervals are freaking painful.


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