Roadie gear and perfect weather

Got up and donned my roadie gear for the first time. Leg warmers, arm warmers, bibs, jersey, gillet and gloves. Took a little while to work out how everything goes together but it did go together. Ley had a good laugh, so did leys parents, so did my parents for that matter but as soon as i pedaled those first few pedal strokes i was in awe. Wow feels like i am not wearing anything! Still feeling a little exposed but i am sure i will get used to it soon. Perfect weather for a ride today too and it was a pleasure to ride around Olympic park. I feel lucky to have many variety of places to ride in Sydney and whilst we all make noises here and there for lack of cycle path infrastructure, it could be worse. Much much worse.

Spotted Corny and Nick at the cafe in Bicentennial park so stopped a little and had a chat. At the end i didn’t ride as much as i wanted to and not as hard as i wanted to. It is hard to do intervals in the real world as there is just too much variations going on. Easier on the trainer or maybe a road like Kurnell. I really need to get to that road as i feel it highlights one of my biggest weaknesses. Thinking about a trainer session this arvo after work but not too sure as i dont want to go out with all guns blazing only to run out of bullets a short while later.

PS: how good is the iphone 4’s camera quality? Good enough to replace my digi cam pretty much completely!! Photos are completely unedited too.

Ok maybe macro shots aint too good. I wish i can use the lens i purchased in hk *which i actually found on ebay for cheaper*!


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One response to “Roadie gear and perfect weather

  1. ley

    … strokes i was in awe. Wow feels like i am not wearing anything! Still feeling a little exposed …

    LOLLL. its ok babe, ur still my manly man :]

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