The best day of the week. Ran around all day to come home with a pair of pillows. Did you know latex pillows feel like giant boobs? Interesting fact of the day. Just had lamb hotpot, going to give Ley a massage and watch family guy before heading home to maybe play 1-2 games of starcraft 2. Early night and up tomorrow again on the trainer or maybe cooks river ride? Not too sure about workday traffic though. Hmmmmmm

Good bye another week.

PS :: Moving in the next 2 weeks! Can’t wait to try my new tv. Even though i hardly watch all that much tv.


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One response to “Sunday

  1. ley

    is that why u didnt want to get the firmer pillows? LOL -.-

    thx for the massage *reminiscesfeeling :] cant wait to move in! *finally* woottt

    p.s. i suggest trainer for safetys sake xxx

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