This one goes to 10

Having something on TV you actually want to watch makes time pass a crap load quicker when you are on the trainer. I have a dedicated trainer wheel setup with trainer tyres and a cassette so it makes it ultra easy for me to switch between trainer and road mode. Luckily the cassette sprockets didn’t need any tuning and it all worked perfectly fine first go.

Odd thing to say but my first few times on the trainer was some of the most tedious times i have spent on a bike but now it just feels normal to get up and drain my legs. I hope i can keep it up as it feels good to wake up nice and early and get my riding done before the day has even started! I noticed that i  am also a little more attuned to what my body is doing and how my heart is feeling and how that effects how i feel overall. I reckon given a little longer i can also understand what my body’s heart rate zone is without a heart rate monitor simply from going off how i feel. I have to thank Joe Friel for making me pay extra attention to this.

ps :: i really need to re-wrap my bar tape.


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2 responses to “This one goes to 10

  1. What trainner are u using?

    I need to buy one haha.

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