Yesterday was a teaser of how the coming spring will be like. Perfect weather for riding. Perfect weather for pretty much everything really. Didn’t even need to grab the gilet as it was more than warm enough with just leg warmers and arm warmers and a simple jersey. Super glad i got out for a long ride to make the most of the weather with Eddie. Good ride too with moving speed averaging around 28-30ks most of the time. Due to the nature of the cycle path there were many crossings and it was hard to get a consistent reading of average speeds.

Proper roadie wear is amazing. Bibs make it so much easier to cycle long distances without feeling like you are rubbing your nuts away with every pedal stroke. Previously by around the 65-70k mark my ass would be in so much pain, with bibs, no problems at all!

We didn’t stop much during our ride with only one stop near brighton to down some fuel and then head back home. Cars were amazingly courteous throughout our whole ride often stopping at crossings when they have right of way to let us cross. This might be the luckiest road ride in my short roadie history?

I also learnt how to pee in a bib. Very interesting indeed…..

Eddie’s bling bling machine is freaking awesome in real life. It just reeks of expensiveness. The kind of expensiveness that is on par with my Jazz. A lot of people will obviously say do you need something like that to ride once a week? Well of course not. But i know Eddie and he likes to motivate his riding with high tech equipment and i am in no position to question that. Especially when his spending his own money and i see the positive results that comes from this. His getting faster each ride, staying fit and more importantly he is motivated!!

My garmin needs a little more usage though. I need to figure out how i can maximise what is obviously a very powerful computer. I tend to forget to charge it *yesterday the Garmin died on me after 25ks* and i tend to forget my heart rate strap :|. Make a mental note to utilise it more.


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