With challenge comes satisfaction

The greatest satisfaction comes always when you triumph against the biggest challenges. Life is filled with these moments. After all some of the hardest games you win provides you with the biggest excitment! :p

No seriously, watching a couple of reapers jumping up and down containing you in your base and generally suffering from it and then sending a couple of banshees over with cloak on and winning the game is just awesome. Too awesome.

I thought this was funny lol

Onwards tonight to work on ikea furniture once again. God bless me.


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3 responses to “With challenge comes satisfaction

  1. ley

    working on ikea stuff should provide you with “The greatest satisfaction [as it] comes always when you triumph against the biggest challenges.” ;]

    • Ikea stuff isnt challenging. it’s boring, tedious, annoying, and painful. No satisfaction there. My fingers hurt like nothing else. I did more screwing than tiger woods tonight.

  2. ley

    haha lame joke hun… :p there there… thats why i got u a chicken katsu don that took a 2 hour journey from work to home. well rewarded cos i knew ud be doing some hard work :] add oil yo! ill be helping u tmr :] *flexesmuscles lol

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