Best gf

Yesterday ley’s dog got put down. The dog was suffering more and more from diabetes and over the last few days just couldn’t keep his food down. This resulted in him not being able to move at all. As with anyone they made the decision to put the dog down to shorten the suffering which he must have being going through. First her grandma now her dog, i can only imagine how hard it is for her. Not only that but for her mum who will soon see her daughter move out leaving her pretty much alone at home *her dad is stuck to the computer*.

So i decided that she should go home and comfort her mum and i would go to our new place and work on Ikea furniture. However she came to our new place and brought over dinner before catching the train back to her home which is on a completely different line. At that moment i felt like i had the best gf 😀

Thanks puff your the best, but Ikea still sucks.

Chicken katsu, miso soup, calpis. Official dinner of bike nights, now the official dinner of ikea nights. It doens’t look the best in the picture but i assure you it was freaking awesome.


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One response to “Best gf

  1. ley

    *waterworksmiffsta … thanks hun n glad it made u happy – all that matters :]

    u did a great job on the ikea stuff n i cant wait to see it. ill be supporting u tonight! xo

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