How i hate you ghetto tubeless

Every time i do a ghetto tubeless i promise myself to buy proper ust tyres next time. Once it’s actually seated however i forget my own promise to myself. Result? Holding the wheel up at a servo compressor pumping it non-stop for 1hr whilst the wheel jizzes on me. I also “give way” to ppl in real need of the compressor so that makes for some interesting convos. Some look at the pool of white sealant with confusion, some laugh a little, and some most likely think i am trying to fabricate a bomb of some sort. How long can you spend pumping up a tyre with a tube right? Of course you go ahead and try to explain to them that this is a “tubeless” setup but they wont understand. Even though every car in the world runs a tubeless system. Often i am greeted with responses like “wow no tube? u sure thats possible?”.

So far the only success has being seating of the race king tyre. The mountain king is very stubbornly not pumping up. Although i can see tell tale signs that it is about to give up and finally pump up. You can always tell a ghetto tubeless tyre is about to pump up because it bulges more and more as you pump it up. I cant wait for the new breed of tubeless ready tyres to come out. They combine the best of both worlds, seemingly light but still 100% tubeless compatible.

Yesterday nights drilling of the mrp 1.x guide was also a freaking disaster. Words could not even explain how and why the events have unfolded. My only assurance is the left over parts will go to Jarod who can then piece together a special limited edition panda mrp 1.x. Speaking of the mrp 1.x i ended up finding some bolts that will be pretty damn hard to thread. They dont look as nice as the original mrp 1.x ones but give it a coat of dirt and it will fit right in.

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