So far so good

I am still riding every day. I ride as much as possible. When i get real tired after a long multi hour ride i listen to my legs and do a recovery ride. I think i will be needing a recovery ride after tomorrow night. Planning to do around 70km again. I am pretty happy that i am still sticking with my schedule but lets see how long i can keep it up for.

Keep up with my riding here.

Also, when working on bikes *or really anything for that matter* there comes a point where you know that you should really stop what you are doing before you decimate what you are actually working on. That moment came yesterday for me when i was attempting to convert my rear hope pro 2 hub to 12x135mm specs. I have done it before but for some reason i am not able to get the end caps off this time round. At that moment i decided to take it down to the good guys at TBSM and let them do the job. Once the wheel is completed its conversion all i am missing for the rest of the build are the forks. It seems like it was stuck in customs over the weekend and on Monday morning they were released but now are no where to be seen. Come on aus post!!!


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