Hacksaw and scorpion

You might be mistaken for thinking this post has something to do with WWF with a title like that. But you would be mistaken, or would you …

Yesterday night i went for a ride. It was pretty freaking cold and i was grossly under dressed but managed to get through 50 odd kays. Eddie got a pinch flat running over some bad sections of the road and the fun started. We had tubes as backup but it turns out the valves weren’t long enough for his “aero” wheels so we had to resort to patching it up. A few unsure moments later we were on our way. I didn’t feel the best over the course of the night. Handling on the bike was questionable and legs were sore right from the get go which is clear indication that i had ridden too much over the last coupla days.

Got home and just had to start working on the bike. Really though, i didn’t get much done as it took me freaking 1hr to cut the steerer. I banged the starnut in using the starnut guide and that was pretty much it for the night. Tonight after shopping is when i will start building the bike up completly. It shouldn’t be too hard as the cables are all full housing and apart from the routing of the internal rear cable nothing worries me that i can think of.

I have being installing crown race dodgely for the last two bikes but after developing a weird creak on the spitfire i decided to get TBSM to install the crown race. I would place the crown race on the steerer tube and with a starnut set in place i would tighten it all up with a stem and spacers in place. What this does is force the crown race down as you tighten it all up. Usually the only concerns doing this would be the star nut slipping and pulling the star nut up a little but i had doubts. Doubts which could not be explained by any simple logic. Marc at tbsm charged me $5 for the job. I paid him $20. To me $20 is a bargin. The other day he charged me $10 to change the hope pro 2 hubs to 12x135mm and i believe that is stupidly cheap for the time he spent on it. Top bloke. If any of you guys need work done do not hesitate to go straight to TBSM and ask for Marc.

Whilst at TBSM i spotted this. I saw it on their blog that they had a new pet scorpion but i thought it was a hoax. It wasn’t though as smack bang in the middle of the coffee table was this.

In my mind i was imagining seeing a little monster running around and gorging on insects and ants inside the display but i was quite wrong. It looked so docile and calm it almost looked dead. Maybe it was sleeping or something but insects walked right next to him/her without even the slightest bit of fear.

Now back to the original title. It is a little WWF inspired because i have being watching a few WWF matches on youtube lately. Why? I don’t know, i seem like the last person interested in WWF but something strikes me as odd. I cant quite tell if they are acting or going for real. If one of you out there know for sure if they are simply acting or really genuinely trying to crush every bone in their opponents body please let me know. WWF panda will thank you.

PS :: i know this is the most random and weird post to date.


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One response to “Hacksaw and scorpion

  1. Brandon

    wrestling is fake and they’re professional actors… and agreed, Marc is a top bloke!!

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