Iphone 4.1 firmware

Yesterday the 4.1 firmware was made available through itunes for all iphone owners. Knowing that a jailbreak is just around the corner for 4.1 and i had missed my previous chance with the 4.0.2 update i updated to 4.1 straight away. I was pleasantly surprised with one new feature though. HDR photos.

I rate the iphone 4 camera already pretty highly and find it to be one of my fave features of the phone but this new feature makes it that much better.

Exhibit 1 – You can tell HDR works here as the lighting is more uniform and generally we are left with a more useable image.

Exhibit 2 – Subjects that is fairly well lighted already suffers from the HDR post processing though. Generally washed out contrast and a more raped pixelated image.

Exhibit 3 – You can see with the normal capture how over highlighted those fluffy things behind me shows up. Also my face is obviously darker due to the shadow casted by the massive item on my head. HDR in this case is clearly the better pic offering a much more useable image overall.

Exhibit 4 – Both images usable but the hdr version showing more detail.

When you take a picture the iphone 4 takes about 2 seconds to process the HDR image and allows you the option of saving both the original image and the post processed HDR image. Definitely a positive feature in my books and expands the capabilities of the iphone 4 camera. I also ended up trying some shots with the wide angle lens *which i have devised a way to mount* that i purchased from hk yesterday with positive results. Basically with the wide angle lens and the myriad of apps providing post processing on the iphone 4 you really do have quite a powerful photography tool with you at all times!


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