Odd feeling?

Something weird happened yesterday on the trainer. It felt like i wasn’t trying hard enough? Thing is i have a trainer with resistence settings and combined with gears i have a good idea which resistence settings puts me into which heart rate zone with prolonged riding. Yesterday though every resistence level felt easier than before. A resistence setting which normally sees me at 140-150 was seeing 130 yesterday? I was also not really working up a sweat as well as the normal sessions would see me with a completely wet tee but yesterday it was pretty dry by the end of it. My legs was still sore no mistakes about that and the lactic was flooding my legs but my heart and breathing remained much lower than normal. If only i can bottle that feeling and call upon it in a race event!

Maybe just the effects from having a recovery day. Still coming to grasp with how you can feel so different on different days even whilst you ride continually! I reckon the more i do this the more i will be able to pick out a pattern and understand how my body reacts to certain activities.


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