Bad/good pizza and more assembling furniture

Yesterday night Ley and I headed over to our new place to work on the computer desks and chairs. We only got 1 desk and 2 chairs done but it wasn’t too bad. We also changed quite a few light bulbs and i am glad to say it only takes 1 Ley to change light bulbs. HA HA HA

The pizza from pizza hut has less topping than freezer ones. Terrible terrible pizza but oh so good too when you are hungry.

This is where i will be chatting to you from for the next few years. This is also where i will play starcraft and keep my bikes and potentially work on bikes. The study/play room.

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One response to “Bad/good pizza and more assembling furniture

  1. ley

    im awesome at changing light bulbs :] our study is looking schmick! hi5 n thx hun for ur hard work ❤ i ate the rest of the pizza today, it was good because i was extra hungry! hehe. p.s. damn the mushroom feature wall is hot… *excited!

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