New rubber

2011 see’s quite a few new tyres coming out. Tyres that i am very interested in. You see tubeless tyres of the old have always being pretty damn heavy. At usually 200-300g extra per tyre it is significant weight. In 2011 though a number of manufactures *schwalbe, continental, wtb* have formulated new compounds and methods to keep the weight down and keep it tubeless. You should know however that although i am excited about the new tubeless tyres i am also not an idiot. To save weight means less rubber. You cant have more rubber and less weight. If you understand that the trails you ride don’t warrant double ply tyres or you don’t mind changing tyres every 5-6 months rather than every 1-2 years then keep reading.

The new tyres are what they call “Tubeless ready” tyres. What that means is they run an extra tight ust bead so it seats straight away just like proper tubeless tyres but they use less rubber on the sidewalls compared to their proper ust counterparts. Usually having a lining of air tight materials inside the sidewalls to prevent air leaks rather than protect sidewall slashes. Weight from what i have seen is a slight increase of 20-50g over their non “Tubeless ready” counterparts.

I am however most excited for the Mountain king II and the X-king tyres in “race sport” format(race sport being the marketing term continental chose for their tubeless ready tech). X-king feels the gap between the race king tyre and the mountain king tyre. Mountain king II looks to have better grip overall from their rubber queenish design but still supposedly rolls fast. Definitely going to stock up on these two tyres especially in the race sport format and figure out a good combo to use on the Yeti and ibis. I am thinking race king rear on the yeti and mountain king II on the front with an option for X-king at the front for firetrail races. Whilst on the ibis i could do with the x-king for the rear!

Check this link for the continental 2011 catalogue.

I was particularly interested in the mountain king II in race sport which people have said isn’t supposed to be all that baggy but in the pics below they look plenty big!

Below are the tyres i am particularly interested in.


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3 responses to “New rubber

  1. 500g?!?!?!?!? I’m sold!!!!!

  2. Trieu

    You guys are so bad….

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