Yeti ASR5-C intro/Iphone lens test

So Jarod came around just then and delivered the last piece of the puzzle that is a typical bicycle build(Thanks for that Jarod, enjoyed the chat). Once he left i grabbed the windex and easily installed my new Ritchey foam grips. Tightening a couple of bolts i went out the back for a couple of photos with the new Iphone lens. The lens was meant to be mounted flush on the phone but through my ingeniousness the lens was mounted with an elevated height thanks to the cover case. This seems to cause some heavy vignetting on the corners. Well, not so much vignetting but rather black portions. The other thing is the lens distorts like a fish-eye lens although not to that extent. It also blurs the corners of the image quite noticeably. Perfect for those myspace style pictures.

I don’t know if the elevated lens height has done anything to the focal range but the focal range is pretty damn small. It is more like a magnifying glass than a macro lens to be honest but it does provide more options with photography and that is pretty cool on a mobile phone. Overall it’s an alright purchase to mix up your pictures once in awhile.

Yeti is 10.3kg. No idea how it rides but will tell you after this weekend.


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One response to “Yeti ASR5-C intro/Iphone lens test

  1. Likewise Jing.

    And I still can’t get over that you built a dual suspension bike which is only 10.3kgs. A fully rigid Greeny is 2kgs heavier than that!!

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