Mixed post

Yesterday night i installed some frameskin frame protectors on my yeti’s rear triangle. The process was pretty daunting to be honest. The result? Decent but certainly not the best. I will get over the air bubbles in the name of protection because air bubbles > scratches. Whilst i was at my friends place i spun his front wheel casually and then went to do something else. After a little while i noticed the wheel was still spinning. Ridiculous how well it spins!

I also dialled in the lever positioning, brake reach, seatpost height, applied carbon assembly compound and basically all the little things one does before getting the bike out for a first ride. Hopefully the bike will impress tomorrow! I can already tell the front fork will be buttery smooth which is always a good sign! So simple to set too. Just one pressure valve and you are done. The first feeling i have gotten jumping on top of the bike is “this is a pretty tall feeling bike”. I felt the same when i hopped on Nelson’s 5 and it is weird compared to the very low and the “in the bike” feeling of the spitfire. I will take extra notice of the single pivot rear suspension and try to report back my unbiased views on how good/bad it is in the real world.

I also borrowed a samsung galaxy android phone to test. So far these are my first impressions. The unit is impressively light and slim. It does feel more plasticity than the iphone 4 mostly because it is well, plastic which would have something to do with the weight too. The phone is faster than the iphone 4. Both in browsing speeds and operating speeds. I can receive phone calls at my desk which my iphone 4 could not. There is something wrong with this particular spot which has a reception issue but it was more so apparent on the iphone 4 than any other phones i have used(great spot to test iphone 4’s reception really). The screen is not as good as iphone 4’s. It has a bigger screen with a lower res so that is always going to show up. What this means is viewing hd content on youtube isn’t really hd. The user navigation is also not as refined as apple’s and generally the smaller details aren’t as well executed. The biggest problem that is already apparent to me is the battery life which is pretty shotty. It seems like a power users phone which requires a little bit of nursing around interms of what apps you have open to maximise battery life. Where as apples phone is more nub friendly.

All the issues though are small issues when you compare it to the iphone 4’s biggest flaw which is it’s reception imo. I mean after all it is a phone and if a phone cant recieve and call then it is pretty much useless. The problem is the iphone 4 isn’t completely incapable of taking or making phone calls. It makes just enough phone calls to make you ignore its obivious short comings. Kinda like a hot girl promoting a crappy product. You dont want the product but you will still buy it. So my quick conclusion on iphone and galaxy is this(this might change in the future).

Iphone 4 audience = superficial
Samsung galaxy s audience = nerds

*disclaimer* I know some of you guys have no problems with the iphone 4’s reception but there is no doubt a problem. If the reception wasn’t weak on the iphone 4 i would not have ran into issues that i have never ran into for the past 9 years with the same usage pattern on other phones. It is just certain locations coupled with certain telcos *cough voda cough* reveal these issues more so than others and i seem to have a very good location to test receptions. My desk.


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  1. ley

    i love how excited u guys get over a wheel spinning… LOL.

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