Sunday’s roadie ride

I have done this route and variances on this route a couple of times now. Always tipping around 70-80k’s for the whole ride. Met up with Matt and Clifton outside hell on wheels and we were graced by Jarod who rocked up with crate in one hand. He didn’t want to ride that day but he didn’t leave us without any contributions(refer to below pic).

We set off at a comfy warm up tempo and kept an okish pace at around 26k/h all the way down to Kurnell. If you have ridden with me on this route you know that the roads around Kurnell is an instant pain in the ass for me. It pretty much focuses on the weakest part of my riding and being a small rider producing massive amounts of power on the flats isn’t my kind of thing(pretty logical really). Holding a high speed on the flats with a headwind is amongst the hardest things i can encounter during a ride. Hills, gradual hills and i am laughing but long straight flats? No thanks.

I have being training though, and like with everything you sink massive amounts of effort into you want to know that it is producing “results”. So on the way back from Kurnell i decided to push myself a little. End result? Pretty much at my lactic threshold for the entirety of the Kurnell “time trail” cycle path with my HR average around 180. From training i know that this is pretty much my scientific limit. Clifton and I switched positions going in front and back and i am happy to say that i was pretty happy with the speeds we held. Speeds was generally no slower than 35-36kms with average around 37-39km on the really flat stuff. That and the massive headwind we encountered showed that i have indeed progressed a little with my training. Usually there is no way i can ride with Clifton on this type of terrain. The other thing that makes me very happy about this ride is the absence of cramps. I know that i should have gotten cramps on a ride like this but at the end of the day i felt good and i had no cramps at all. Sure i was tired but there were no cramps. I am pretty happy with this fact alone and it should spur me to keep up the training efforts! I won’t just jump up and down yet though as races are where it’s at for a proper test.

Matt left us at Princess Hwy and it was down to Clifton and I for the reminder of the trip back to Newtown. We made it from the Cronulla Princess Hwy intersection to Newton in around 45 minutes, generally enjoying (greatly) the much more downwards direction of Princess Hwy.

Great ride overall!

Kurnell sunday ride with Matt and Clifton by jingers123 at Garmin Connect – Details.

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3 responses to “Sunday’s roadie ride

  1. You guys drove there!?

  2. yup Clifton said it was too cold LOL

  3. matthewmead

    Great ride guys!

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