+ does not = +

On Fox suspension forks you often see the rebound adjustment dials with – and + marked either side. One would assume – is for a slower rebound whilst + makes for a faster rebound. Not so. Don’t make the mistake of confusing this. For something so simple i myself has had it set up wrong for two bikes now and keep wondering why the suspension is a little chattery. Without going into suspension mechanics 101 and all these things on dampers and so forth basically – is equal to a FASTER rebound whilst + offers a slower rebound. Usually the easiest way to confirm is to set it all the way to one side and push down on the fork to feel the difference.

Well worth the check. I am still making the wrong adjustments even on the Yeti. I was thinking the fork rebound is a little too high and this morning i played around with the rebound dial and surely enough i set it the wrong way again. Don’t make my mistake and hinder your forks performance!


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2 responses to “+ does not = +

  1. John

    The dial adjusts the rebound dampening.

    Thus, + = more dampening (slower rebound), and – = less dampening (faster rebound).

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