Efficiency is the name of the game in today’s society but can multitasking make us lose focus on each individual task? I think so, sometimes.

At home i have a dual monitor set up. What i like to do is have my chats and browsing on one monitor whilst i load up a movie on the other. Very efficient right? I get my movie watching done and browsing at the same time. What i realised however was that i hardly ever got much of the movie into my head. Often times i would find myself rewinding to catch a certain part of the movie that flew right past my head.

Yesterday i sat in front of our tv and watched a movie. Since it is in the living room I didn’t have a computer to distract me and i did nothing but watch the movie and in the process found myself enjoying it much more. Sometimes in today’s busy life we need to rid ourselves of all the convenience and efficiency and just focus on one task at hand.


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2 responses to “Multitasking

  1. van

    Haha, I love the difference here. I’ve got two windows open as well, but it’s almost all for work. One monitor has all my reference material for the articles I write, and the other monitor has the windows I work in; Word, the Adobe suite, etc.

    The only recreational app I have open all the time is Tweetdeck, because I work from home and really need some way to stay in touch with other humans.

  2. for most times i love my dual monitor setup. Only sometimes i find it distracting when you have the ability to multitask!

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