Turned up to Loftus to find Nelson waiting already at  7:20am (surely the world is ending). Turns out Timmy came late (maybe the world isn’t ending just yet) and due to his lateness we ended up spotting Sinh and San and their friend. The weather was awesome and we all had a good laugh at my milk crate and my “famous” fake crocs (bleh, you guys don’t know what you are missing out on!). Pace was slow but it was a good re-introductory ride. I think i have the yeti front suspension sorted. Now for the back!

We also ran into Jon who was on the way home from an early morning ride. If you see an Asian mtber at loftus, there is a good chance i know him ….

MD tomorrow hopefully!


Nelson testing my Yeti. Well not really testing. You can’t really test a bike going around the parking lot with the suspension set up completely wrong.

This blue cattle was just chilling on the corner of the tray. 10 points if you can name the intersection this picture was taken at.


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3 responses to “Loftus

  1. ley

    stoney creek rd x king georges rd! WOOOOO 10 POINTS FOR MEEEE! :]

  2. ley

    AND i can also tell that u used the HDR version of the phone because there is a double take of that car on the RHS… LOL 15 points!!!

  3. ley

    *of the “photo” i mean -.- *oops

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