Rhinestone Rex & Miss Monica @ Ensemble Theatre

What do a classical musician and retired country and western singer have in common? Not a lot according to Monica who really just wants Gary, aka Rhinestone Rex, to do the job he’s being paid for and renovate her kitchen. She hates his taste in music, his attitudes to women and the plinths he wants to put on her cabinets. Gary can’t find much about Monica to recommend to anyone but still finds her attractive in a cold, rigid and inflexible kind of way. Can they find a way past all their conflicts towards a harmonious and fulfilling relationship? Or will their differences keep them from making beautiful music together?

Yesterday we attended the opening of this play @ Ensemble Theatre and i am reminded of how young we are in the audience. It seems like theatre is only usually attended by older couples and that is a shame. Live entertainment is very very different obviously. You are there and it is personal. Coming from a performing background i appreciate this difference to normal cinema movies greatly. The play itself was fairly easy to digest and was humorous enough to pass time quickly. What made it extra great was the associations between Miss Monica and myself. She hit the nail on a lot of topics in regards to having an upbringing revolving around Classical music and how elitest classical musicians often feel towards other music genres.

Having topics which i can relate to in the play has highly elevated my rankings of it.

We also had dinner prior to the play and the food was pretty good. Veal roll with olives and some other fancy stuff on it and duck leg which tasted more like salted duck leg with mash and some other beans in a pile on the dish. Yes. Food blog this isn’t.

An enjoyable night!


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One response to “Rhinestone Rex & Miss Monica @ Ensemble Theatre

  1. ley

    *singsBolerobyRavelveryloudy… chk chk chk chk… DA… DADADADADADA DA-DADA….

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