MD ride post thoughts

I rode the yeti for the fourth time on Sunday and i am growing into it. So far it reminds me of riding my trance x which is always a good thing. The fit is pretty similar and the bike rides pretty similar but i would say the Yeti isn’t as neutral as the trance x. The trance x is a better noobs bike. The Yeti is a little more extroverted. I fiddled with my rear shock on the second lap and realised the pressure was way too high and once i set it to softer it became even better. Lowering pressure in the rear shock does a few things.

  1. Becomes plusher *duh*
  2. Changes HA since you sag the back more
  3. Changes the BB height to lower

These changes have made the bike more plowable through the small roots at MD (since it doens’t get held back with every impact and because of this carries more momentum into the next impact causing a snowball effect) and it has also gone better in terms of cornering from the lower BB height. Enough to make me notice straight away on the second lap. Generally speaking i am feeling pretty comfy on the bike throwing out a few small tail whips over the water bars. I still find it pretty hard to get up that double step up right at the top of MD after the steep boardwalks. With the granny ring i can get up no probs but with a 32t front ring i am not comfy. I found an alternate line though on Sunday and i will try that out next time i am down there. Bad part about the lowered pressure is now i can notice a little bit of bob seated whilst climbing road/firetrails. Basically if i was racing any firetrail event propedal will be turned on.

MD is also in pretty good condition. Some of the roll downs have washed away a little making it not as smooth and a more hairy experience which is a shame. Still easily rideable but you cant help but think that it is unnecessarily more technical. There are good technical and there are bad technical. I am sure the trail fairies will be on it soon though. All it needs is a rock wedged in between or something (ok for long term solution a loose rock will most likely be moved by the first set of wheels rolling down). Traffic was also pretty crowded on the trail but ppl were courteous and moved over when they heard you coming round. Loving MD!

When i got home i took a pic of my two bikes and decided that i will be testing the HD out for the first time at Appin one morning next week (most likely weekday)!


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  1. Trieu

    Mate… very nice indeed!

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