Couldn’t wait

I know i twittered that i am going to ride appin on Friday but i just could not help myself. Slept early yesterday and woke up and  grabbed the mojo out for the virgin ride.

Timmy rocked up after i finished my 1st lap which was a surprise and we tagged together for my second lap. Near the end of the second lap we ran into Grant who was taking two other riders on a reverse loop. Great weather for a ride today! It was overcast as well so it was just the right temp.

Now, how did the ibis ride? It rode very well obviously but i didn’t bond with it straight away like i did with the yeti. Something to do with the positioning of the stem and the saddle. I felt like i couldn’t put enough weight on the tall front end and hence the front wasn’t biting as much as it should *second lap saw me dropping the stem which helped slightly*. I also feel fairly cramped and noticed my saddle is pretty forward on its rails which doesn’t allow me to move on the bike all that much. Makes me feel kinda frigid and unflowy is what i am trying to get at.

Having said that it was still fast in the technical stuff. Obviously with 160mm of travel it ought to be. With more travel it makes technical stuff a lot easier. I noticed on rougher climbs the mojo just climbs it like it’s smooth. No picking lines required. Straight up. You can even sit down all the way for maximum traction whilst you power right up. Even with 160mm of travel when you stand up it feels very taught. But it still has a lot of small bump compliance. Kinda like a mix between vpp and maestro. Maestro was very plush but bobbed a little more and vpp isn’t as plush but was tighter under pedalling power. DW is kinda like a mix of those two. So yeah it is a pretty good suspension system for sure.

I just need to get comfy on the bike and then we will get along like asians and rice. Hope you don’t mind me leaning my mojo against your rear tyre for the photo Grant :p

Edit :: The bike is very quiet. I think it is the chain retention device more than the suspension.


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