Exploring east gardens westfields

Turns out the biggest westfields close to us is actually east gardens. We never visit this part of sydney so it was pretty fun exploring yesterday. The place is old but no ticket parking and ample spots = win.

Ley called up so many westfields looking for this particular bin. Turns out they had it in east gardens *part of the reason why we are here*.

We had some free movie vouchers so we decided to watch a movie. Ended up watching “Easy A” which is at best easily forgettable *i can’t quite place what i dont like about the main actress too*. Waiting for the movie though i found these machines tucked away in the corner. Who remembers these from galaxy on george st? All the cool asian kids with long ass jeans with flares used to line up with their l33t cards. It amused me how this game seemed to defy the laws of physics so many times during one play. If GT5 and GTR was striving for driving physics perfection this was totally on the other side of the scale.

So i am walking through the food court and i am thinking let’s eat healthy. I walk past oporto and i am like nope not healthy, i walked past kebab shops, Mexican, teppanyaki, sushi, maccas, indian and deemed them all to be unhealthy. So how i end up with KFC is beyond me. To deem everything in the food court unhealthy and then end up with most likely the unhealthiest of all. So good when you eat it but so freaking bad 1 minute right after you finish. To be fair though i most likely have not ordered KFC for 1 year or more. Not that you guys care but it does help my guilt levels.

Check out how small that wing piece is! It was slightly bigger than a freaking 50 cent coin. I thought about taking it up with the workers but couldn’t be effed. Oh, my tongue also got burnt by the overly hot chips. Definitely regretting it.

To top off the night of crappy junk food we ended up getting a frozen coke in the cinemas. Now i dont know who designed the size of these cups but it was FREAKING massive. I envision american drink cups to be this size. It was honestly enough for Jing x 3. They also dont give you a choice of sizes so you are stuck with this one big gigantic frozen coke which you know will be more like sugar syrup by the time you get to the 3/4 mark.

Forgetful night which ended late which made my morning plans to ride cooks river/brighton le sands path a failure. At least watching my gf pottering around was cute. In fact i think i rather watch my gf pottering around for 2hr then watch that movie again.

Wow, this turned into a rant without ever meaning to become one. WOoooosaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa


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