Return of bike nights

Yesterday night a bunch of us headed over to Trieu’s place for bike night. We worked on bikes and ate pizza but generally it was just an excuse to get together. Timmy did a full bike transplant from his Kona to his Trance again and Cliffy attempted to fix something or rather on his bike. Matt required full cable housing change and derailleur tuning whilst Brad required his chain to be extended. Brandon needed grips to be fitted and cockpit setup and Trieu needed several cranksets swapped around. Everything went pretty perfectly apart from Cliffys bike which started the night as a bike and progressively turned more into a frame by the end of the night. Trieu’s bottom bracket was stripped after some wrong instructions *i apologise Trieu!* so no crankset was swapped.

Generally though the night was ace. Always fun to have a group of like minded ppl get together doing what they love. Thanks for hosting Trieu!

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One response to “Return of bike nights

  1. Brad

    Awesome night and thanks for the chain extension :o) You will be glad to know it has successfully completed a lap of Manly Dam this morning incident free

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