New computer?

So i have being weighing up a couple of options. i5 and i7 predominately. It is more for video editing as my current system is running a little low on juice for the hd video clips of today. I also want to get into adobe premier/sony vegas a little more so thought this was a good chance to make it all happen.

Obviously the prices i get is pretty decent but with so much choices i still have to do a fair bit of research. My research funnily enough always ends up on a scribbled piece of paper. This seems to be my ritual before a new computer and whilst customers get the full database quotation treatment i put my own prices on a scrappy piece of paper with crappy hand writing that sometimes even i struggle to read. But traditions are traditions and so another piece of paper was drafted up.

Currently i am still on the fence in regards to i5 vs i7 and since there is a new chipset *shhhhhh* coming out soon i am even more on the fence. However i will take my own advice and say that if i were to wait for every latest piece of tech that’s going to come out it would be a never ending process. Currently it is pointing towards the i7 slightly but only slightly slightly.

Over at our new place the Imac has being installed and it is looking very schmick. Companies target brand loyalty most likely above anything else and i think i am one of the worst customers in that regards. I have absolutely 0% brand loyalty. I don’t buy things purely because it is a brand i support and hence i don’t fall into that apple fan boy or pc die hard nerd stereotype. You guys know whats coming right? Apple bashing time :p

Don’t get me wrong, i just got an iphone and i love it but i am still going to bash Ley’s imac and most of apples computers. They simply make no logical sense. Price wise at least. So when Ley was speccing up her computer i was having a look at the list of options available to her and golly geez was i surprised. A $50 graphics card was charged $350ish from apple. A $60 stick of ram was charged $250 from apple and the list goes on and on and on

As you might know the other day my pc’s graphics card died *before you say HAR! the imac is still running, the pc has being up and running for a significant more amount of years now and computer hardware is completely random in failure rates any ways* and i had to resort to playing starcraft 2 on her imac and dare i say it i have being playing starcraft 1.5 all this time. I mean it has the engine of starcraft 2 but golly geez it has the graphics of starcraft 1. Her imac costed close to $3k and is half a year old but is struggling with a game on the lowest setting whilst my computer costed $1000 3 years ago and happily churns out the ultra graphics setting. Something just does not add up here. I used to think apples are awesome because they were easy to use. The other day i setup internet thetering on the iphone 4 and straight away i had internet access. I thought for sure pc’s werent capable of that. Took my iphone 4 home and plugged it into my pc and viola even less steps to carry out compared to the imac.

So what exactly is good about an apple? Simple. they are great computers to have when you move residences a lot. When i have to move 2309480298 cables on my pc the imac only has the power and keyboard cable to worry about. I reckon apple should target this advantage a little more because i reckon that is possibly the best feature an apple has over a pc.

PS :: don’t get me started on the stupid freaking track ball mice that needs to be cleaned every 1months for it to operate properly. Why have a nagging gf that gets all scary during her womanly days of the months when you can have an apple mice.

PPS :: Looks nice with the harmon kardon speakers i had at my home though 🙂

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