Last ride before Scott 24hr

Yesterday night Trieu and Clifton and I tagged together for our last ride before the Scott. Some quick calculation told me that it is basically the last chance to “test” our legs a little. The ride was around 60kms with the last 30kms at a decent pace *from my bum sensor i would say we were around 30k/h + most of the time and sprinting to 47-50k/h from time to time*.

I can definitely see the effects of training now. It seems easier to hold a higher speed and once i do push i can push harder for longer and then also recover faster in between efforts. Cramps also don’t come at the amount i ride now. Would be interesting to see what would actually make me cramp now though.

True to my unprepared style as soon as i turned on my garmin i was greeted with the low batt warning. Sigh. Beautiful weather to ride though. Not too cold and not too hot. Loving it 🙂

All you need to ride 24/7. Rain or sun. Feeling pretty comfy on the fuji now that i have gotten used to it even more. So addictive to carve the tarmac and the speed is mesmerising.


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